A better way to

manage waste water.

Reed beds are constructed wetlands that are used successfully around the world in thousands of water and wastewater treatment applications. This sustainable water treatment technology permits the successful management of domestic wastewater, potable treatment sludges, leachate and contaminated groundwater, mining and industrial process water, and winery and agricultural wastewater.

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A better way to manage waste water.

Reedbed Technology have investigated passive technologies and reed bed systems from around the globe and developed our own technology specifically for the unique climate conditions found in Australia and Asia. We design and install a range of reed bed products to treat domestic wastewater, wastewater sludge, industrial wastes, contaminated wastes, and mine waters. Our reed beds can be constructed in a range of different shapes and scales designed to complement the surrounding landscape.

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Reedbed Technology is a highly effective environmentally sustainable alternative to high energy mechanical treatment systems, resulting in dramatically lower operating costs and a reduced carbon footprint:

  • slashing operating costs by 80%
  • reducing carbon emissions by 90%
  • reduced noise and pollution
  • reduced maintenance
  • reduced energy consumption

By providing greening and cooling landscaped zones, reed beds enhance public spaces, provide habitat and promote biodiversity. As opposed to being left with a contaminated waste requiring disposal, the end result of Reedbed Technology’s passive sludge treatment systems is a rich valuable resource which offers benefits for the agricultural, horticultural and municipal sectors.

Reedbed Technology

Reedbed Technology’s reedcells are our own innovative reedbed systems which have been tailored to Australia’s unique climatic conditions. Our technology represents an alternative passive zero energy solution to challenging water, wastewater and sludge waste treatment.

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We offer a range of turnkey solutions for sustainable water and wastewater treatment including reed bed systems to treat domestic wastewater, wastewater sludge, industrial wastes, contaminated wastes, and mine waters.

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Case Studies

Learn more about the range of different applications our reed bed systems cater for and the impressive outcomes we have achieved for clients across Victoria by browsing through our selection of case studies.

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Our talented team of scientists, engineers and landscape architects work together to achieve attractive and sustainable water and wastewater treatment systems that are integrated effectively with the outdoor environment and enable a double use of space.

If your organisation is looking for a sustainable water treatment solution which promises low capital and operating costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and beautiful landscaped environments with multiple uses – Reedbed Technology is your answer.

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