Who We Are

Reedbed Technology is a Research & Development company with a primary focus on water and wastewater treatment. We have dedicated significant research to passive technologies and reed bed systems from around the world and developed our own technology to address the unique conditions present in Australia and Asia.

We provide alternative passive ZERO energy solutions to challenging water, wastewater and sludge waste treatment. We are experts in the sustainable management of water and wastewater, with over 30 years’ experience in the water and construction industry. Our understanding of water treatment and conservation is unparalleled, enabling us to play an integral role in some of the most innovative water and wastewater treatment projects this country has seen.

Constantly striving to create more with less, we are dedicated to delivering practical, long-term water sustainability solutions that provide the best possible outcomes and value for money.

What Sets Us Apart

The team at Reedbed Technology understands that the correct design of a reed bed is crucial for ensuring effective, trouble-free, and low-cost operation. We are an extraordinary group of specialist and highly experienced scientists & design engineers who take into account the type of treatment required (water quality), the client’s needs, local site conditions, landscaping opportunities, climate, and government regulations when tailoring water and wastewater solutions for each project.

Reedbed Technology’s talented scientists work alongside our engineers and landscape architects to achieve aesthetically pleasing systems that are integrated seamlessly into the outdoor environment and provide a double use of space.

Our Technology

Reedbed Technology’s passive treatment systems are inexpensive to run, incurring less than half the operational costs of conventional water and sludge treatment systems. We achieve this through our innovative design which streamlines routine maintenance and significantly reduces power consumption.

As well as reducing operating costs to less than 80%, our innovative and environmentally friendly designs reduce carbon emissions by 90%, compared with existing mechanical systems.