Melbourne University


Melbourne University


55 sqm


10th Floor, Peter Doherty Building, Grattan Street
Carlton VIC 3053


To treat greywater generated in the building and provide it back for reuse in toilet flushing


• The prominent location outside Executive Board Room on rooftop meant the system had to look outstanding
• Plant selection suitable for growth under rooftop conditions over 30m above ground level and suitable for treatment
• Required light-weight treatment media for rooftop installation


Domestic wastewater treatment reedcells

Key Project Features

Our domestic wastewater treatment solutions permit dual use of the landscaped green roof space, and comprise lightweight media, novel pump recirculation system, and optimum plant selection.

Key Project Outcomes

By implementing our domestic wastewater treatment reedcells we have achieved:

  • 8 ML of reuse water provided per year
  • insulation properties and other benefits of a green roof in a greywater treatment system
  • an aesthetic outlook from the boardroom which enhances public amenity