South East Water


South East Water


Pilot scale trial


Boneo Sewage Treatment Plant, Boneo VIC 3939


To demonstrate Reedbed Technology application in the treatment of septic low pressure sewer effluent


Odour control, varying effluent quality,
septic nature of wastewater


Domestic wastewater treatment reedcells

Key Project Features

Our domestic wastewater treatment reedcells permit primary, secondary and tertiary treatment to be carried out all in the one system. Wastewater and sludge treatment are also treated using the same system, meaning that no additional space or energy is required for sludge treatment. Our passive treatment systems provide a sustainable solution for sewage treatment which ensures low operating expenditure, low maintenance, nutrient removal and novel odour control.

Key Project Outcomes

This is project is currently in progress and we look forward to sharing the outcomes of this Reedbed Technology solution.