Agricultural Wastewater

Reedbed Technology’s passive treatment reedcells provide an effective solution for managing wastewater across a variety of agricultural industries.

Agricultural wastewaters can contain high quantities of contaminants, meaning they cannot be disposed of correctly without treatment. If disposed of incorrectly, agricultural wastewaters run the risk of eutrophication of surface and ground waters and can impose significant trade waste charges. Reedbed Technology provides an ideal solution for all types of agricultural wastewaters, including those with high nutrient and contaminant loads.

Benefits of Using Reedcells to Manage Agricultural Wastewater

Reedbed Technology’s low maintenance reedcells remove organic carbon, ammonia and total nitrogen from effluent, as well as significantly reducing bacteriological counts, heavy metals, and phosphates. Effluent quality and volumes of agricultural wastewater are highly variable and will change according to individual farming practices as well as rainfall and runoff volumes.
At wineries, loads and concentrations of wastewater contaminants are significantly higher during distilling and vintage seasons. Another advantage of Reedbed Technology’s systems is that they are highly suited to treating wastes where input concentrations are uncontrolled and variable. 
Reedbed Technology‘s reedcells have a huge applicability for winery wastewater treatment or wastewater from livestock feedlots and dairies. Treatment can be combined with domestic wastewater treatment. Our systems require no septic tank pretreatment, which allows for simple, efficient, and odourless treatment. Water can be reused on site for washdown, for irrigating vineyards and pastures, or disposed of safely to the environment. 

Our agricultural wastewater reedcells are:
• Passive and low energy systems - making them perfect for rural sites
• Ideal for treating wastes where input concentrations are uncontrolled and variable – making them suited to agricultural wastes
• Easy-to-operate, cost-effective, fast and odourless treatment systems

Applications of Agricultural Wastewater Reedcells

Our reed bed systems can manage agricultural wastewater from a variety of industries including: 
     • Wineries (seasonal wastewater) 
     • Piggeries 
     • Dairies
Reedbed Technology’s treatment systems are well suited to managing agricultural wastewaters, including winery wastewater from crushing, bottling and runoff, and washdown from livestock facilities such as dairies and pig farms.
Winery wastewater is high in COD, BOD and suspended solids, and carries a high salt load from the bottling and washdown processes. Dairy washdown water from milking sheds is loaded with nutrients and pathogens, and consequently requires appropriate treatment before being released into the environment.