Domestic Wastewater

Our wastewater treatment reedcells operate using a simple, odour-free system, allowing them to effectively remove contaminants from raw domestic wastewater (sewage). Our reed bed systems are carbon neutral, moving water through gravity or solar power. This makes them very efficient and inexpensive to run.

Treat Wastewater and Sludge with 1 system

Wastewater solids and sludges are removed and treated simultaneously within the same reed bed system, saving our clients even time and money. Reedbed Technology’s wastewater treatment systems provide complete treatment of domestic wastewater, with sludge stabilisation and dewatering in the one sustainable system.

Benefits of Using Reedcells to Manage Domestic Wastewater

Reedbed Technology’s wastewater reedcells rely on natural biologically-mediated treatment processes to remove colour, turbidity, and organic loading from the water. They require no chemical dosing yet can treat raw wastewater to a standard suitable for reuse or discharge into the environment. These self-sustaining systems will operate indefinitely with no deterioration in performance, with no excavation or replanting required. Decanting occurs every 10-15 years with no disruption to the system’s operation. 

• Carbon Neutral and Odour-free
• Zero Energy Solutions
• Sustainable systems with a long lifespan
• Cost-effective – low build, operating, and maintenance costs
• A natural and passive alternative for managing domestic wastewater

Applications of Domestic Wastewater Reedcells

Our wastewater treatment reedcells can be sized to suit any application. Our designs can service small communities and homesteads, and be expanded to meet the needs of entire municipalities comprising 1000s of homes and businesses. All of our systems can be staged as demand increases. 

Case Study
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