Mine Water

Reedbed Technology’s mine water treatment reedcells filter and process contamination from mine sites using a simple to operate, zero energy system. Our reed bed systems combat issues of mine-derived contaminants and industrial pollution.

Heavy metal contamination is a common problem in mine sites, both in surface water and groundwater. Our reedcells are able to effectively manage these problems, as well as issues with suspended solids, turbidity, sulphate, ammonia and organic solvents.

Reedbed Technology’s reedcells operate on a singular system to simultaneously remove and treat suspended solids and dissolved contaminants, enhancing cost-effectiveness and ease of operation. This streamlined process further saves our clients time and money.

Benefits of Using Reedcells to Manage Mine Water

Reedbed Technology’s reed bed systems provide a cost-effective, low maintenance solution to mine site water treatment and are suitable for long-term remote applications including mine site remediation and post-closure management.
Water treated by our reedcells is suitable for environmental disposal, irrigation, or reuse in dust suppression and mineral processing. Due to their passive operation and low maintenance requirements, our reedcells are able to perform in long-term remote applications, safeguarding mine sites during remediation and post-closure processes.

Our mine water reedcells are:
• Ideal for long-term remote applications
• Zero energy systems
• Cost effective - simultaneous removal/treatment of suspended solids & dissolved contaminants
Low maintenance solutions for managing mine water and mine-derived contaminants

Applications of Mine Water Reedcells

Reedcells can be used for a number of treatment processes across mine sites including:
 • Infiltration and runoff from waste rock piles
 • Leachate and seepage
 • Acid Mine Drainage/Acid Rock Drainage (AMD/ARD)
 • Mine process water and tailings slurries
 • Contaminated storm water from roads and stockpile batters
 • Wash down and hose down water
 • Bore water and contaminated groundwater