Wastewater Sludge

Reedbed Technology’s wastewater sludge treatment reedcells process and dewater sludge using a simple to operate system. They rely on natural processes, consuming no energy, and are completely odour-free.

Reedbed Technology’s sludge treatment reedcells treat all types and consistencies of sludge, even very dilute or dispersive materials. Our team of experienced, highly qualified design engineers and scientists take into account the properties of the sludge, as well as local factors such as climate, government regulations, and landscape integration. Using this information we design our reed bed systems to produce high quality biosolids for agricultural reuse, and a stream of clean filtered water that is suitable for environmental disposal or reuse.

Benefits of Using Reedcells to Manage Wastewater Sludge

Our vegetated reed bed systems promote drainage and evaporation, affording them a much lower carbon footprint than drying pans. Where possible, our reedcells use gravity, siphons, or solar energy to treat wastewater sludge, eliminating the need for grid power.
Operating on zero energy consumption, with no need for chemicals, flocculants or polymers, Reedbed Technology’s wastewater sludge treatment systems are a cheaper, ecofriendly, more manageable alternative to mechanically driven systems such as belt press filters or centrifuges.
Reedbed Technology's self-sustaining sludge treatment systems will operate indefinitely, with no deterioration in performance and no excavation or replanting required. Decanting takes place once every 10-15 years, with no disruption to the system’s operation. 
Our wastewater sludge treatment reedcells are able to treat diluted sludge without the addition of thickeners or other high energy consumption dewatering devices.

• Consume Zero energy
• Cost less to operate than mechanical alternatives
• Don’t require thickener additions or high energy demand dewatering devices
• Are low maintenance
• Provide a self-sustaining, long-term wastewater sludge treatment solution

Applications of Wastewater Sludge Reedcells

Our sludge treatment reedcells can be sized to suit any application. Designs range from smaller systems, suitable for rural communities or city apartment towers, right through to municipal systems capable of servicing entire townships or suburbs. All of our systems can be expanded in a modular fashion, which allows them to meet increasing demand, or to be integrated into a development over time.

Case Study
Melbourne Water Sludge Trial